Next Government database the Australian Food Composition Database (previously called NUTTAB)

The new Australian Food Composition Database will replace the old NUTTAB database.

The Australian Food Composition Database (previously called NUTTAB) is a reference database that contains data on the nutrient content of Australian foods. It is referred to as a reference database because it contains mostly analysed data. Only a small proportion of data in the database come from other sources such as recipe calculations, food labels, imputing from similar foods or by borrowing from other countries.

You can read more about the new database here

What does this mean for foodzone?

  • The new database has vitamin D missing from AUSNUT the main database used by foodzone.
  • Being a reference database it has fewer items but they come from mostly analysed data, leading to higher accuracy.
  • Some student foodzone users are requested to use NUTTAB and can now use the new version of it.
  • The id used to reference the foods is going to be compatible with other Australian government databases so we can share images and extra info/brand food matches with all Australian databasaes.

You can try it out now in the new foodzone version by going to a user or assessments profile page and choosing the database from the settings tab.